Kali Linux

For the past 7 years or so Offensive Security has been releasing Backtrack linux. For those who don’t know Backtrack is a penetration testing distro, it has hundreds of security related tools installed including Metasploit.

The big news this week is that they have just released a new version! Kali linux is a full rethink of Backtrack, for one thing it’s now built on Debian and not Ubuntu! This is a good thing.

Offensive Security say that most of the changes have occurred under the hood, I tend to disagree! For a start the default GUI is GNOME, this gives it a nice clean look and feel. But if you don’t much like GNOME then you are free to use any Desktop Environment you like as the system allows you to install and run anything from KDE to XFCE.

There are noticeably more utilities in the menu (non security related) such as pycrust and development tools for arduino (http://www.arduino.cc).

All the updates for the tools that are installed are now part of the Debian update tree making life a loot easier when it comes to keeping your tools up to date (they sync the tree with Offensive Security 4 times a day).

They have used an FSH-compatible file system so you no longer need to change to the /pentest directory to run tools, you can run them from anywhere.

It looks like a great upgrade and I can’t wait to have more of a play with it!

Download: http://www.kali.org